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The Fauves were about just before the Cubists. Their strong use of colour and solid forms were visibly influential on Picasso's earlier works (his Self-Portrait of 1907). The movement was set up in 1904 and ended in 1908 - however that is not to say that Fauvism did not exist slightly before or a long time afterwards. At the forefront of this movement was Henri Matisse. Fauvism comes from 'Le Fauves', which is French for the 'Wild Beasts'. It's funny that they should be described in that way considering their movement was somewhat of a retaliation to the loss of solid forms in Impressionist painting. They wanted to regain proper form. Do no assume that this means that Fauvist paintings were therefore a-la Poussin because they were not. They were an amalgamation of influence from Seurat's pointillism, Gauguin's saturised and expressive colours in Symbolism, Van Gogh's brushwork and Cezanne's basic forms.

Some of Matisse's paintings.

Woman with a Hat, 1905

Le Joie de Vivre, 1906

Green Stripe, 1905

Madras Rouge, 1907

The Dance, 1910

The Dessert, Harmonny in Red, 1908

And my personal favourite lol,
Game of Bowls, 1908
Why would you play bowls naked?

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