Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Rye and Folkestone

I meant to blog these in September the weekend that I went here but as always things got in the way.

A lovely little sweet shop in Rye! I went for some sour cherry sweets and was warned that they are very sour; being solid and all I shrugged it off. Oh my word, they are SOUR.

Rye's oldest pub!

Unfortunately I can't remember the name of this pub but if you ever find yourself en route to Coghurst Holiday Park and come accross a dainty little pub then it's worth going in. They had the most amazing collection of clutter I've ever seen.

These do not work

Saw this in a shop window and was adamant I'd seen it before haha - the Caravaggio version at least!

In Folkestone they have converted an old church into a whetherspoons, weird ordering alcohol from the Chansel of a church.........

The cute little windy streets of Folkestone :)


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